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mmm meets a man who went from wheel chair to elite ultra-runner

Life is a journey! I love it…what I love most is the unknown …and the knowing that this world is full of amazing people and opportunities, knowing that miracles happen, magic happens and that ordinary people continue to achieve extraordinary things!

I am so excited to share a fellow ultra-runners story with you…one of tribulations, trauma and triumph! You will tear up and smile with joy! The human spirit continues to inspire me.

Meet Anderson Moquiuti:

Hi my name is Anderson Moquiuti (Andy or Ando) 35 years old, from Brazil, I am a father to two wonderful kids, work as a chef, and I am a Runner.

I came to Australia 10 years ago, when I first got here my plan was to learn English and go back to Brazil and continue my career as Publisher and work in Marketing. After 6 months one back injury took me hospital and after several exams I was diagnostic with Guillain Barre Syndrome (This rare illness strikes between two and eight people in every 100,000).

Guillain-Barrè syndrome is an autoimmune condition. It is a form of nerve inflammation resulting in a spreading paralysis. The cause is unknown, but the trigger seems to be certain acute viral or bacterial infections. Most people recover, but it may take two years or more. There is no cure. Treatments such as plasmapheresis and gammaglobulin infusions can help recovery.

My Mother and Me in a Weelchairs

After one year of treatment and wheel chairs I was back to the game, of course it was not as easy as it sounds.

It was painful, had tremendous headaches, had half of my face and the whole body completely paralysed, and I tell you what, it was one of the most incredible experience I’ve ever been in my life.  At that time I put everything I had into recovery, I  didn’t miss one session of rehab, and didn’t waste one single minute,  I was there to win , from bath support , machine lifts to walk and cook my own meal, the people at Gold Coast Hospital were so helpful, but when you get through it you become invincible and you love life more than anything.

I wanted to show people, inspire and motivate all of them, from the sickest to the healthiest I wanted to go there and do something, find what makes my heart pump, what I’m alive for, so in 2011 after 7 years, I signed in for my first challenge (GC Half Marathon), and I finished it in 1:24:55. It took me 32 years, to find myself, to find my sport, my life, my motivation, to find a way to make people believe in themselves.

If you have a dream, go and get what you want, be positive, it might take one week or many years, but do it, do it with your heart and the results will surprise you.

Anderson your story and sheer determination are awe inspiring.  You really are a shining example of what attitude, hard work and belief can achieve against all odds! 

As a 5 year old what were your dreams?

Be a soccer Player

If you could tell your 5-year-old self something to help you walk a lighter road what would it be?

You have a dream, go crazy and make it real (hope it makes sense)

When you were told you may never walk again let alone run what were your immediate thoughts?

I said what ??? I remember, I laughed with only half of my mouth, and from that moment I put in my head (now you go there and you wont give up till you shut up those people)

What was the hardest part about your recovery and why?

There were days when I had to stick tape my eye because it wouldn’t close, toilet was a challenge, hours and hours of massive headaches, days with no improvements, days when I really thought about give up, makes me cry to think about it right now.

What kept you inspired or motivated to never give up even when the odds were against you?

I could see the light, even if it was far away, I could see it, i saw people dying and suffering, and I thought I’d make it. Because I can be the example for so many other and can help them one day. 

If when your accident happened you were told that in 2014 you will be well known and highly respected in the running community as an elite ultra runner what would you have said and thought?

I’d laugh loud and say, RUNNING….AHHAHAHA you might be joking, I don’t like running.

How did you get into ultra-running?

After my first marathon in 2012, I said “wow its pretty awesome, what about if I go a bit further”. 

How did your first podium or win feel?

The first one I done, i won, it was GC100 2013, and I had no idea what to do, so I did run like crazy, I was beaten by legend Deb Nichol, but the first man to cross the line.

What are the 3 key messages you will give to your amazing children?

Kids and I are more like best friends, ill never grow up, hahaha so we share lots of moments, we are in constant love and always laughing, so id say 3 words instead “ LOVE, RESPECT, RUN”

Is there anything you have done in this life that has taught you a lesson so deep it has cut into your soul? If so how did you or do you heal it?

I’d say “something I haven’t done” yes there is, think not be able to give to everyone what I have in my life make a big cut into my soul, I wish everyone at least once in them lives could have a opportunity to be happy, and I feel sad because I haven’t had the chance yet to help people as much as I can.

What advice do you give to those who are yet to discover their potential either physically or mentally?

Love what you do, do what you love, it’s the Karma, you do good things you will get it back.

You are the only person able to make your dreams come true, try hard, and if you fail, stand up and try it again, life is magic, eventually it will come to you, and be already because it is amazing.

Anderson you are a single parent, can you share your top 3 tips to single parent dads:   

  1. Ensure your kids will come first
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle, kids are always following our steps.
  3. Be friends with your ex, she loves your kids as much as you do.


In a short paragraph can you sum up what drives you forward everyday and how you maintain your strength even when the sails are down, the clouds set in and hail starts to fall?

My kids are my everything, we are always happy when we are together, they are always asking about my running, and my little one loves run too, so it’s a big push and if I feel bit down, I go for a run, surfing, Mountain Bike or yoga I am always doing sports.

Where do you see yourself 1 year from now?

I live everyday like it will be the last, well in one year, id be happy to be running some trails in Nepal, NZ or maybe look after people from rehabilitation places, would be nice take them to the forests and share lives experiences

What two people would you most like to run with?

4 please J My little one Teiya, Sammy Weir, James Webster and Ben Malby, we are always running together, and I hope I can run with those guys for many and many years.

What 3 people most inspire you and why?

  1. My mother, she is a warrior.
  2. Sammy Weir because he loves help people, and he is always inspiring me with his running, we are pretty similar.
  3. Nelson Mandela don’t think I need to say why that dude inspired so many.


Please share your favourite or most influential:

Self help book:

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Running book:

Everything to live for Turia Pitt

Running fuel:

Water lol

Where and what is your next running event?

In two days, GC100, doing the 50km again (Which I am excited to share with you all Anderson WON crossing the line in an incredible 3hrs and 39 minutes- CONGRATULATIONS ANDERSON!)

Thank you Anderson for sharing a piece of you and inspiring us all to try a little harder and never give up!


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